There’s a Buddhist saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I’m a firm believer in that since I discovered the Alexander Technique. Maybe there is something in your life with which you’ve been struggling, with which it would be useful to get some assistance? We cannot always resolve our ‘problems’ and ‘difficulties’ ourselves, I’ve written these in inverted commas because it is really our own thinking and mindset which cause us to view challenges as such. If we stop long enough to think things through as to what might be the best course of action, then we may come to realise that there is nothing wrong whatsoever with seeking out some assistance.

I’m also a firm believer that if you really wish for something enough, then a solution to whatever it is you are wishing for will come your way eventually, but it is the manner in which you wish that holds the key to a solution. It may take some time, and it might not happen when you want it to, but if you really mindfully wish for it, then something will occur. It’s just the same as when you take Alexander Technique lessons. You spend a lot of time asking and wishing for increased height and width in yourself, without seeing anything which might lead you to think that this is actually something which could occur. Perhaps you look in the mirror one day and observe that your back is much straighter than it used to be, that your shoulders are looking wider and so on. Such change doesn’t occur immediately, but rather as a result of committing to a course of lessons and even then it depends on one’s quality of thinking. If you wish for long enough, you might notice a change, a change you’d perhaps hoped for but never thought would become a reality.

I was wishing and willing for a solution to a potential ‘difficulty’ recently and realised that the solution I thought was the right one was in fact wrong for my purpose. Then something which seemed like a better solution came my way, without me even having to do that much towards finding it. Of course the ‘difficulty’ still remains and indeed may remain for some time, but I shall continue to wish for a solution to it on a daily basis and think about it in a positive manner, a bit like having an Alexander Technique lesson. We don’t necessarily see the results we wish for immediately, but we do constantly need to remind ourselves of our directions and to inhibit pulling down. Indeed my ‘difficulty’ very much provides a reason to think up and I shall be employing the Alexander Technique principles as I approach it from a fresh, new perspective.

Perhaps you’ve never considered the intricate relationship that exists between our ability to think and the way we make use of our bodies, never given it a second thought. Many people indeed think the Alexander Technique is about posture, whereas it is very much about the way in which you think. If you’re thinking anxious thoughts, then your body will indeed tighten itself in response, whereas if you’re thinking about ease and balance, then your body will be listening to this as well.

Walter Carrington, FM Alexander’s teaching assistant and master teacher, referred to this manner of thinking as ‘willing, wishing and fairytales’. Of course we all wish for things during our daily lives, things over which we might think we have no control, but you’d be surprised. I never thought I’d see my left shoulder open out as did during my lessons & training, not in a million years, I’d had it like it was since childhood. But the work I was doing proved me wrong. Gradually, indeed very gradually, it began to open out. In the same way, we all have the potential to open out, to widen where we narrow and to grow where we shrink.

What are you willing and wishing for today?

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