Unlearning the old so as to lean the new

Since the end of last week I have now successfully worked out how to improve the search engine optimisation of my blogs and website in general, and this wasn’t actually brought about by attending the workshop on SEO which I did earlier this month. No, it was brought about by allowing myself to wake up one morning and somehow the answer about how I could improve my SEO popped into my head. Truly, this is not a fib, I’m being 100% honest and 100% serious. I know it sounds amazing, and it was, to experience how we can allow our mind to help us to resolve problems like this is for me was quite extraordinary, for sure it was most definitely an “Aha” moment in respect of something I had not at all fathomed out in an intelligent manner for myself. Yet, I also came to appreciate at the weekend that all that I thought to be impossible was in fact possible with very little effort on my part, unlearning the old so as to learn the new, this for sure was in process.

Whilst the temptation has been there to improve the SEO of all previously written content, I’m preventing myself from doing this, knowing that this is all part of the learning curve of writing the content in the first place. I’m using the Alexander Technique principles in how I approach all this. I know that going back and correcting all my blog posts would serve me little purpose, even if the initial temptation to do so was there, they actually stand as a testament to what has gone before, and what comes after can be certainly different, if we allow it to be so. Unlearning the old so as to learn the new has involved stopping the unconscious habit in its tracks.

There is little point in trying to correct things which may benefit from being corrected via direct means, but rather ongoing work via the indirect means in ourselves is of far more benefit. Asking myself, why did I think these required correcting, was a useful question to ask myself. I thought they were acceptable up until recently, what changed in my thinking? Just because I became aware of a solution I could put into practice now, not appreciating that I did not know now that which I now know? So I stopped and noticed; my desire to put something right, when I know that this usually leads to unhappiness and that acceptance of the situation is far more helpful. So I’ve decided to leave my previous blogs at peace, they are fine just as they are, I can decide to be wrong about all of this instead.

In taking Alexander Technique lessons we allow ourselves to become aware that doing things a little differently to habit is the answer to bringing about consistent change when it comes to unnecessary postural and co-ordination habits which affect everything else. We do not need to try to get things right as we often think of trying to get things right, largely because there is no right anyway, just a more efficient way of moving, thinking, experiencing, speaking and so forth. We can indeed unlearn the old so as to learn the new, this demands ongoing vigilance when it comes to our habits. As my blogs, they now get a little more ease and so do I, I can now think about writing new blogs along new lines and not worrying about not getting things right. In the meantime I’m standing in awe of how the solution to my challenge in respect of SEO came about without me needing to do anything whatsoever, so the unlearning continues. Unlearning the old so as to learn the new seems to have been taking shape throughout the year, all about self-help and self-care of course.

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