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In the moment of now

Yesterday I was fortunate to participate in some Alexander Technique work with a visiting teacher. I very much enjoyed the whole experience of working with this teacher and was grateful for the opportunity to do so given that we go back some way in terms of my experiences of the Alexander Technique. Everything very much…

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Solution-orientated thinking

I’ve not posted here as of late, but there are very important reasons for keeping up with my writing. I certainly have found myself finding solution-orientated thinking useful in the recent months. It’s getting on for being a year since my digestion showed signs of improvement and the past couple of months have seen a…

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I recently found myself in floods of tears listening to music that had quite a few associations. Tears of awareness of the existence of sorrow and pain, compassion, nurturing the desire to learn and a recognition of the fact that I have indeed had experiences for which I’ve been very grateful, nothing exactly new, but this…

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