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A skill for living, living with skills

A skill for living, freedom of choice in thinking

I happened to have added the phrase “a skill for living” to my homepage and now appreciate that a highly esteemed colleague used a similar phrase for one of their books, Pedro, with whom I was fortunate to have had a lesson myself towards the beginning of this month. Now I had absolutely zero idea…

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Re-education, learning and unlearning

Anyone with an interest in the Alexander Technique knows that at its heart is that it has something to teach and learn, meaning that it is in quite a different class of its own when it comes to the benefits of taking lessons. The pupil doesn’t attend a lesson to have something done to them,…

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A new learning curve

Would you like to learn how to live a life free from pain? The Alexander Technique provides us with a learning environment to do just that. Having been around for over 100 years, it is not some faddy treatment but rather provides us with the tools with which to lead a life in which we…

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