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Boosting metabolism the indirect way

We do learn to observe much more closely what is going on within ourselves with the Alexander Technique in terms of postural and co-ordination habits and how these affect everything else, even down to how we think, feel and communicate. Whilst attending a course last weekend, my metabolism started to stir, something which has been…

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Trusting oneself to do what we intend to do

I attended a 3-day intensive seminar last weekend. Thirty participants and yet I felt very alone when I really did wish to connect with others. If they were looking in my direction, I noticed they would very quickly avert their gaze, without saying a word, they had other people to connect with. This repeated itself again…

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Stopping to do the wrong thing

I wrote previously about a change that I wasn’t expecting to happen. I had attempted a variety of things to improve what I thought was wrong, to no avail, and eventually gave up trying, realising that this is not where the ‘problem’ actually lay. People tend to think that they don’t require Alexander Technique lessons,…

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