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Stopping to do the wrong thing

I wrote previously about a change that I wasn’t expecting to happen. I had attempted a variety of things to improve what I thought was wrong, to no avail, and eventually gave up trying, realising that this is not where the ‘problem’ actually lay. People tend to think that they don’t require Alexander Technique lessons,…

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Use affects functioning

How do you use your body and mind? This is what the Alexander Technique refers to as Use, with a capital ‘U’, and it’s a noun. Use includes not just the way we use our body, but also to the way we use our mind and in an Alexander Technique lesson you will be introduced to something…

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Getting it 'right'

I admit I was a perfectionist, very much so. When I started my lessons, everything had to be ‘just so’ and I gave myself a really hard time in terms of the ‘need to be right’. I just had to get getting out the chair ‘right’, despite the words of my teacher. I struggled, of…

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