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A skill for living, living with skills

A skill for living, freedom of choice in thinking

I happened to have added the phrase “a skill for living” to my homepage and now appreciate that a highly esteemed colleague used a similar phrase for one of their books, Pedro, with whom I was fortunate to have had a lesson myself towards the beginning of this month. Now I had absolutely zero idea…

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Poise with presence via the giving of directions

This morning I attended a meeting which I knew required me to maintain my poise and say what I needed to say  Most of all I considered ahead of time that I wished to come across as being at ease in myself whilst conveying this. I was very much applying the Alexander Technique during this…

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The opposite of wrong is wrong

Are we aware that it is very much possible for us to learn how to interrupt and intercept our habitual unconscious reaction by stopping and thinking, very much applying the Alexander Technique principles of inhibition and direction? Our wholly unconscious habitual reaction is to somehow think that we need to do something in order to…

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Onwards and upwards

  I had previously written this blog on Friday, but with amendments in respect of my website occurring yesterday, it no longer exists. I don’t particularly wish to re-write it as I wrote it previously, indeed I cannot as I wrote it in the moment,  but I do wish to incorporate some of the thoughts…

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Conscious direction versus habitual feeling

I am re-reading Michael J Gelb’s book “The Art of Connection” because I knew upon first reading that there is so much more to this book than meets the eye and read a sentence which I thought would be worth sharing here, “Feelings may be stimulated by the words or actions of others, but are…

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Trusting oneself to do what we intend to do

I attended a 3-day intensive seminar last weekend. Thirty participants and yet I felt very alone when I really did wish to connect with others. If they were looking in my direction, I noticed they would very quickly avert their gaze, without saying a word, they had other people to connect with. This repeated itself again…

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Wishing and Willing

There’s a Buddhist saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I’m a firm believer in that since I discovered the Alexander Technique. Maybe there is something in your life with which you’ve been struggling, with which it would be useful to get some assistance? We cannot always resolve our ‘problems’ and…

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Re-education, learning and unlearning

Anyone with an interest in the Alexander Technique knows that at its heart is that it has something to teach and learn, meaning that it is in quite a different class of its own when it comes to the benefits of taking lessons. The pupil doesn’t attend a lesson to have something done to them,…

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So what actually happens in an Alexander Technique lesson? I suppose it depends very much on one’s teacher’s way of teaching, but all teachers of the Technique follow the same basic principles. I’ve been watching a video of a first Alexander Technique lesson and one of the things to which the teacher immediately introduces the…

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Use affects functioning

How do you use your body and mind? This is what the Alexander Technique refers to as Use, with a capital ‘U’, and it’s a noun. Use includes not just the way we use our body, but also to the way we use our mind and in an Alexander Technique lesson you will be introduced to something…

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