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A new learning curve

Would you like to learn how to live a life free from pain? The Alexander Technique provides us with a learning environment to do just that. Having been around for over 100 years, it is not some faddy treatment but rather provides us with the tools with which to lead a life in which we…

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So what actually happens in an Alexander Technique lesson? I suppose it depends very much on one’s teacher’s way of teaching, but all teachers of the Technique follow the same basic principles. I’ve been watching a video of a first Alexander Technique lesson and one of the things to which the teacher immediately introduces the…

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How our breathing benefits from how we think

I had no idea that I was holding my breath until I was shown that I was, sitting at a desk gives us ample opportunity to explore this for ourselves if we first know how to bring it to our attention. Business people who speak in public, those in the performing arts world, even yoga…

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