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Conscious direction versus habitual feeling

I am re-reading Michael J Gelb’s book “The Art of Connection” because I knew upon first reading that there is so much more to this book than meets the eye and read a sentence which I thought would be worth sharing here, “Feelings may be stimulated by the words or actions of others, but are…

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Faulty sensory appreciation

When we take Alexander Technique lessons, often what the teacher is asking of us by means of their hands feels unfamiliar and unnatural to us, because it it against our habit, it feels all wrong, but FM Alexander writes about how such thinking is unreliable because it is based on feeling, not on reason.

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"Wisdom for Action"

I recently returned from attending the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress held at the University of Limerick. It was all wonderful, what stood out for me most of all was the great sense of togetherness. Togetherness can, of course, mean many different things to many people, but for me it has to include the ability to maintain…

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