How do we feel when we acknowledge and accept that we unconsciously made a mistake, something about which we may have already been thinking all along didn’t serve us well, that we were aware how this affected us?

Of course it’s all usually riddled with our unconscious habit. We may indeed be aware of pain which we feel within ourselves, and we may be aware of the pain we experience when brought up short for our mistake, it may indeed feel all very familiar to us, it may in fact bring us right back to experiences if we had been cautioned or indeed punished and we may feel in pain because we have unknowingly caused another individual harm, either way having made the mistake, what do we generally do? We generally feel this in the very instance throughout our body and noticing this can in fact be of the utmost assistance in terms of what we know we wish to prevent. We could choose to hold onto our thinking of ourselves as a total failure, that we should have known better and that we never do things as we know we can, thereby giving consent to the old habitual reaction, or we can choose to change our thinking in the moment, to find another way of being, a way in which we’re no longer hurting ourselves by beating ourselves up, no longer needing to defend ourselves, remaining calm and accepting things, and continuing on our path with new insight. Perhaps we’d even accept that certain things needed to be said, understand why this was so, and decide learn from it and let it go.

All we can do is to consider ourselves, consider how we wish to be at every moment, especially when meeting challenging situations and stopping more to observe, bringing us to a place of thought, expansion, not seeking to “fix” the situation in any shape or form, but remaining aware of what we need to prevent in the present moment. Perhaps we can see that the mistake was inappropriate, that it was unnecessary, that it was thoughtless, most of all towards ourselves, and recognising that we all make mistakes. A mistake might even be seen much more as a gift, one from which to learn, from which to grow, a lesson in preventing making ourselves smaller, to admit to a mistake from a place of honesty and from place of calmness to see things as they really are, indeed to reclaim responsibility.

Alexander Technique inhibition involves considering and observing ourselves from an angle of reason, of thinking things through, prevention of unwanted habits of thought and movement, of refusing to go down the oft trodden path of getting caught up in and relying on habitual feelings which serve no purpose, of refusing to be pulled down by what is after all unconscious. Alexander Technique direction informs us that the only way is up, reminding us that we have a choice as to how we respond and indeed feel, we can choose to accept that we have it within ourselves to let go of needing to be right. The girl who was made to stand in the hallway to think things over, was aware that this was important time, can now embrace that we can indeed choose to switch our habitual thinking in the moment, in activity, to see that we do very much have this choice within ourselves in any split second we encounter.


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