Yesterday I was fortunate to participate in some Alexander Technique work with a visiting teacher. I very much enjoyed the whole experience of working with this teacher and was grateful for the opportunity to do so given that we go back some way in terms of my experiences of the Alexander Technique. Everything very much to do with embodying thinking about our head balance and our response to gravity.

Upon leaving, I was asked if I would join them, however my intention was to return home for something to eat after having pottered around nearby Borough Market, I also needed some time to myself, having participated for 2. 5 hours. I did not know at the time that, as happened, I would stumble upon a vegetarian restaurant in the nearby area as i walked down a street towards Borough Market, I was aware that it was in the area, but I wasn’t deliberately seeking it out and, to be honest, I didn’t even know in which street it was located, it could have been any number.  This very much reminds me of the time when I came across EBRD and also Nöel Kingsley’s book on the Alexander Technique. In both cases, I very much believe there are reasons for this. As it was, I was aware I needed to take some rest and sustenance in a place of my choosing and choice very much came into it. I initially just found myself exploring this new environment as I entered, without the pressure of needing to make a decision, then gradually I came to the conclusion that I would indeed like stop here for a while and experience it which, as I thought it would be, proved to be a very wise decision.

I did eventually arrive at Borough Market and bought some cyclamen to fill an empty pot on the balcony and also some reasonably priced plums. Given the time of day, the market was extra busy so I decided to head back. In doing so I came across performing Morris dancers and came to realise that a good friend was in the immediate vicinity. Now this was entirely a co-incidence, or was it? Neither of us could have known that either one of us was just a few metres away. I decided to make myself known, my intention was to say “hello”, that was all, and was met with a request to join them and their friends. I have to say I felt so welcomed, accepted and grateful for this, but more to the point, I had been and was practicing self-kindness towards myself. It was an afternoon that happened entirely spontaneously, without any effort on either side, I’m a also very firm believer in attracting to ourselves that which we attract in others. So this morning I’m going to plant these deep dark pink with a hint of white cyclamen, having given them a good water yesterday evening, providing me with the joy with planting an empty terracotta pot which has been looking rather forlorn.

Today I’m actually very much remembering the words from Miss Margaret Goldie which were shared within the learning space yesterday about giving ourselves time to stop and notice in the moment of now why it’s important for us to wish to be still within ourselves.


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