I’ve not posted here as of late, but there are very important reasons for keeping up with my writing. I certainly have found myself finding solution-orientated thinking useful in the recent months.

It’s getting on for being a year since my digestion showed signs of improvement and the past couple of months have seen a distinct improvement in my metabolism also, thanks to a variety of supplements I’ve been taking which are of benefit to those either going through the menopause and post menopause. My case is at the extreme end of things, I myself wasn’t at the time aware of what I could do to help myself. A few simple evidence-based changes which get depleted nutrients and hormones back into your diet naturally help the entire system to get back into balance.

I had been sleeping a whole lot better since last year, however still found that I woke up in the middle of the night. Since taking the supplements that I do for the past month, I now sleep without waking and even have been waking up much earlier in the morning. So when it comes to diagnosis, it would appear that FM Alexander’s words in his final chapter of “The Use of the Self” entitled “Diagnosis and Disease in Medical Training” do indeed still very much hold true. Instead of diagnosing symptoms, our overall Use affects functioning, ie if you’re experiencing insomnia, which can be a symptom of the menopause to a greater or lesser degree, then of course the human mechanism will become confused and anxious, that’s how the body reacts, the same applies to mood, if you’re constipated, also a menopausal symptom, this clearly affects mood, but you can prevent the body reacting in this way by including a variety of nutrients which the body requires to function as it previously did.  Eating little and often, taking myself off caffeine, the little alcohol I used to drink and gluten all seem to be working well, as is my intake of phytooestrogens. Looking at taking a natural approach to the menopause gives a woman a sense of self-empowerment in respect of self-help, you can observe improvements as they happen and feel good about yourself again.

Focussing on the positives is so very important, it does have something of part to play in Direction and I know I can fall into the opposite just like anyone else. Making small changes which bring about improvement in terms of how the mechanism functions in midlife has been very much been additional to the Alexander Technique and very much a matter of educating myself.  it’s all too easy in this digital era not to learn from our own experience, indeed not to question, not to discover things for oneself, not even to consider what habits of ours bring about pain in ourselves. Reasoning out  a solution is what FM Alexander did, he realised that stopping to think and to give himself time to direct himself brought about changes within his mechanism which enabled him to regain his speech.

It feels good to have taken the decision to write something again, it also feels good not to take opinions personally when it comes to expression and developing emotional resilience.

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