Self-kindness and serendipity

I’m not seeking to ‘fix’ anything, I’m accepting the situation, accepting how I feel about it. We often fail to understand and appreciate  that change is brought about by the way in which we think. Added to which, when we think of thinking, we tend not to think of thinking as a process which requires our time and attention on a daily basis in a non-doing manner.

This morning I woke up without being woken by an alarm around 6.00am which to me points to the fact that what I did yesterday was of benefit. I was up and ready to face a beautiful sunny early December day here in London in a way which felt somewhat unfamiliar yet for which I was very thankful. I also very much recognised the importance of applying Alexander Technique, doing less can sometimes be far more beneficial.

I’m currently very much enjoying reading “The Secret”. I have no idea why it’s taken me all this time to read this beautiful book, but it has and I’m accepting of that as well. The important thing is that I am reading it and it’s proving helpful. It’s all been completely serendipitous that it arrived earlier this week as it did. These things happen and when they happen it’s good to notice how grateful we are when they do. Can we give ourselves the time to stop long enough to notice and appreciate how these things can happen with such ease? Usually we’re so wrapped up in our own concerns, that moments like this so often pass us by and we become accustomed to not taking in the sense of gratitude that we feel when we do stop to notice. Applying Alexander Technique principles, we slowly become aware of our habit and by doing so we can become kinder towards ourselves.

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