This morning I attended a meeting which I knew required me to maintain my poise and say what I needed to say  Most of all I considered ahead of time that I wished to come across as being at ease in myself whilst conveying this. I was very much applying the Alexander Technique during this meeting. I recognised beforehand that much of the pressure we experience is that under which we put ourselves, rather than the actual circumstances which challenge us.

Can I let go of tension when placed in a potentially stressful situation and am put on the spot of needing to discuss a matter which has had a tendency in the past to raise hackles? Can I be the one who remains calm and maintains presence? Can I be the one who is aware of my breath, aware of any stiffening within myself. I listened carefully to what was mentioned, allowing myself the time I required to organise myself and my thoughts before speaking. I allowed myself to participate with awareness without getting hooked on something which is not relevant. I held my nerve, maintained my sense of equilibrium and kept my cool.

Alexander Technique lessons help us to perform to our optimum if we apply it to ourselves in demanding situations. Not for nothing is this technique taught in all music and drama schools and colleges worldwide and not for nothing do very well-known actors and performing artists apply this technique to aid their quality of performance. One only needs to watch Fred Astaire to appreciate the sheer effortlessness of his performance. It helps us to be aware of ourselves as well as simultaneously be aware within our environment and interactions. Rather than stressing ourselves out, we can rather very much allow ourselves time to notice what is happening within ourselves at large as well as our wider environment ahead of participating in whatever demands are placed upon us. Can we perhaps choose to consider a more constructive, more consciously chosen attitude, even one of expansion in terms of thought?

I managed to keep my poise this morning, I maintained just such an attitude whilst being able to communicate things effectively from my perspective whilst recognising a different perspective. I was aware how much my ability to retain that sense of poise was assisting me, In such situations we are indeed very much able to maintain our poise and exude presence if we direct ourselves on a more conscious level using inhibition and our directions to our benefit.

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