Really thinking of my teachers, near and far, not just those of the Alexander Technique, but also others whose books I’m reading which are proving really helpful. I know I’m one for reading well-written texts and not forgetting these, such as words on teaching, with which some of you may be familiar.

When we learn and indeed teach the Alexander Technique, something which is helpful is to come with an open mind, however the majority of us, indeed perhaps all of us, have expectations of one sort or another. Perhaps at Christmas-time, what might come our way should we wait reminds me of the shepherds, and particularly the three wise men, about which I was thinking, who came to pay homage and teach in their own individual way at the manger. Not only this, but I was reading only yesterday about the life and of Sir Issac Newton, such is the desire to learn more from reading, listening, and studying with those who are teachers.

How one uses one’s psycho-physical mechanism to prevent misuse is an ongoing experience and as such the Alexander Technique is not something one can learn unless one has experienced a teacher’s hands working with you as a pupil. Even then, misuse can and may occur, perhaps because we are not stopping to look at how we are using ourselves, but this also provides us with the opportunity to look at things from a fresh perspective, possibly one which is more suitable for our purpose in terms of no longer wishing to end-gain and to take better care of our mechanisms on a mindful and holistic level.