It’s been well over a year now since I re-discovered what it was like to have normal movements when it came to my digestion and going to the bathroom. Ahead of this I had experienced decades of pain and discomfort, to the point where it was near nigh impossible,

It was hot last summer and I’d already come off the homeopathy I had been on. I had decided to adjust my diet a little to incorporate a little less meat, and was also aware that it was around the time of my dad’s anniversary and  experiencing quite a bit of emotional release connected with this at the time, more so than previously. I also chose to have one treatment, during which the therapist held my big toe. After that appointment I should have just sat down quietly, but had an errand to run and thereafter found that I was in a state of quite a bit of confusion. Clearly there is much more of a connection between touching the toes/feet and difficulties of the sort I had which I had not considered previously. Thereafter I found myself thinking more about what I was actually doing in the bathroom and discovered that if I released rather than held my muscles in the hip and pelvis area especially, which is one of my very strong habits, and allowed my weight, such as it is, to release past the seat whilst I thought through my directions, including thinking of keeping my feet on the ground as far as I’m able (toilet seats also vary in height), then this was of even greater benefit. I also came to realise how much time this took was of no consequence.  If we look at ourselves anatomically, then we will see that our internal organs do indeed require space in order to function freely, therefore thinking of allowing ourselves to come up to our full height is really important for so many reasons. Since that time I’ve been able to go to the bathroom regularly without pain or discomfort more than once during the day without any strain, which was completely unheard of before for me, if at all, and a complete revelation. Certainly this was definitely one major example of making life easier on myself; all too often I’ve heard it said in the past that I should be easier on myself, but the one thing lacking was an explanation of how I could actually bring this about.

Whilst that one treatment may have brought about some sort of release and clearly much confusion, I don’t put this down just to this, but rather to my continuing work with the Alexander Technique on myself. I know that with the digestion which I have I need to take more time over breakfast in particular, which is the important first meal of the day with good reason. Also I’ve become much more aware of what I actually put into my mouth and when, given that I now seem to be over the menopause and need to think much more about this than previously. That’s not to say I don’t treat myself to the odd slice of cake with a friend, but I’m more conscious that on the day when I do I perhaps skip lunch in favour of this. It’s also not to say that I’m overweight, but let’s just say that over the past years my body shape changed rather dramatically from being scrawny to increased muscle tone and a fuller figured size 12, a medium and much more normal size.

Increased awareness of how I eat, sit, move, even sleep, I re-trained myself to sleep on my right side knowing that my left side is the side which was previously ultra-shortened, really has paid dividends when it comes to undertaking these everyday tasks of which most of us are unconscious on a daily basis. We just perform them so automatically every day without taking the time to think about them, yet they are so important to our wellbeing. They certainly do warrant our attention and do indeed have the potential to change our lives for the better.

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