Life doesn’t have to be about being in pain, but rather can be about living pain-free. Have  you been pain-free in your life, would you like to be pain-free? How would it be if you were pain-free? The Alexander Technique is a tried and tested technique, especially of benefit to those who suffer from back pain of any description, neck tension (including headaches), shoulder problems and a whole host of other painful areas affecting joints and muscles. But the Technique does not focus on the pain, how so? Instead we look at how you move, with how much appropriate effort you move and look at preventing poor postural habits acquired since childhood, which can be prevented with a little attention and thought to where we are in space and asking to be at our full height and width.

A lot of people put up with pain and/or seek therapies which promote themselves as addressing the symptoms of pain, for which one generally has to keep returning in an effort to keep the pain away, only to find that it returns after the treatment has worn off. A technique which addresses not the symptoms, but the root cause of pain in a general, non-invasive manner has got to be a winner when it comes of the poor postural habits we all acquire and often put up with. Take for example a stoop; you might think there is nothing that can be done about it, that it’s part of getting old, but you’d be incorrect about this. A stoop is a shortening of our spine and as such the Alexander Technique encourages you to think about the length of the spine, its exact opposite. Gradually during the course of lessons you may find your back straightening out a little as a result of you thinking through your directions (thoughts about where you want to be in space, the placement of the feet, thinking about sitting on your sitting bones, to name just a few), indeed you may experience your stoop disappearing completely. Certainly lying in semi-supine (knees bent, head on some books, lying on a firm yet comfortable surface) helps enormously when it comes to giving the back a rest on a daily basis and lying in this position is incorporated into a lesson as the teacher works with you. So a stoop need not necessarily be the case, and certainly isn’t anything about getting older, although often older people will develop one. Thankfully the stoop I had is has been a thing of the past for quite some time now and I’m very grateful for this.

Living a pain-free life can be something quite major for some people, who have put up with pain, but they may not have heard about the Alexander Technique before. They certainly may not realise the full potential benefits of a technique which is reportedly good for back and neck pain sufferers until they begin to take some lessons. Yes, lessons are an investment, an investment in improved poise and balance, and an investment in one’s overall well-being and health and may well work out to be the cheaper alternative when compared to having therapy treatment. If you do happen to suffer from any form of back pain or neck tension, indeed any muscle or joint related pain, I would very much recommend you to seek out some lessons and start your journey towards leading a pain-free life.


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