The Alexander Technique can benefit those in back pain and neck tension, but it’s not about back pain and neck tension. Rather it’s about restoring the co-ordination of muscles and how these work in relation to the whole muscular system.

Certainly when we’re of a young age, we haven’t acquired the poor postural habits we acquire as we age, and our muscles are perfectly co-ordinated, we move around easily and freely, but as we age we adopt a stoop, a slouch, a stiff neck or such like and this in turn affects the way in which our muscles work, especially our neck muscles and the balance of the head, which put us off balance and lead to back pain, neck tension, headaches, etc.

An Alexander Technique teacher provides hands-on guidance whilst guiding you into what is a more beneficial manner of movement, or using  yourself. This new experience may seem unaccustomed and odd at first but is in fact a way of re-training the musculature to rediscover ease of movement. You will have a sense of being lighter and freer after a lesson, more balanced and more co-ordinated, with your muscles working together in unison rather than as separate entities or not being used as nature intended. A short course of lessons will teach you how to stand in a more efficient manner, sit and walk in a more beneficial way etc.

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