When I write about ‘going up’, what do I mean? It’s a very difficult concept to put into words, perhaps it’s easier to express what it’s not. It’s certainly not pulling down, shortening, collapsing, all those things which drag us down towards the floor, nor is it feeling glum, downcast or, dare I say it, depressed. It is an invigoration of one’s rib cage and one’s head going forward and up off the top of the spine, something you can tangibly ‘feel’ awakening within yourself as your entire musculature goes up in space. Certainly having a good mental attitude helps, the ability to see humour also, but this isn’t going up. Going up is something which enlivens you, reinvigorates you and makes you taller, at your full height. Being at your full height is where you want to be as much as possible, not dwindling around in a shortened state. The spine actually finishes at the point between your two ears, much higher than most people think, thereby making yourself quite a bit taller already, but there is much more height in us than we realise. Certainly in the hands of a teacher this can be tangibly experienced as they take you up, but going up on your own is equally possible, you just have to think it. Up is where you want to be as much as possible with your head lightly balanced in a forward and up direction on your spine. Going up is not dragging down, but rather the reverse.