Thinking of getting the height is one of the things that is experienced during an Alexander Technique lesson. The term ‘forward and up’ refers to the forward position of the head on the spine and up is the direction in which the head leads the rest of the body. Forward and up is what a teacher works with as they guide the pupil in and out of the chair, together with encouraging a pupil to think about getting the height by stopping first and then thinking of this direction. In essence we are all much taller than we think we are and lessons can in fact add more height onto one’s frame. Whilst thinking of getting the height, we are also thinking of the space surrounding us, above us particularly, but also to the side of us and behind us, but it is in the upward direction that the direction of finding the height really does apply.

We are not thinking of doing anything in terms of becoming taller, but rather thinking about wishing of gaining height, there lies the difference between doing and thinking Alexander directions. Thinking of getting the height means that we are thinking about not pulling down, something which gradually replaces our old habitual patterns of pulling down. It also means that we are thinking of the balance of our head on top of our spine, the head balance being an important factor when it comes to standing tall. Thinking of getting the height means that this is what you are thinking about, not what you have to do in an hour’s time, this is your intention.




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