I’ve just seen a reminder about us being what we think and I would totally agree with this. If we are pulling down and shortening ourselves, then this also affects the mind and vice versa. To remain in optimal balance, it’s important to remember our directions and to remind ourselves continually of where the upright is, how we get into the upright in the first place, which is certainly not by telling ourselves that we need to sit up straight which tends to brace the entire mechanism.

An Alexander Technique teacher works with a pupil (if you wish, ‘client’ or ‘student’), reminding them of where the upright is by using their hands in a very gentle manner and asking them to think about this as they move in and out of a chair. It isn’t ‘posture training’ but it does have a beneficial influence upon one’s posture and poise. FM Alexander indeed saw that if he thought about sending his head forward and up, then the rest of his musculature followed, the head leading the way. Often if we’re feeling downcast, our musculature reflects this also, we tend to round our backs, our head will find itself in a downwards pull on our necks and our general demeanour is one of pulling down



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