I’m aware of what happened to me in terms of experiential learning curves, as far as I understand with regards to menopausal symptoms of chronic insomnia, significant dehydration, severe metabolism and constipation. Sadly this can happen given how little is known about all this. Due to depleted hormone levels, problems can present themselves during menopause such as these as well  as significant hair loss.

I know I was responsible for not having taken better care of myself in the way in which I wished to take care of myself, namely choosing the natural way. I only discovered that a colleague also knew about this work, yet it was never mentioned, no doubt they were not fully aware of my symptoms. I had been having treatment for symptoms during the course of training, I eventually chose to stop because I could not see it was helping with my symptoms.  I hadn’t explored every option, I didn’t know about the work of  this country’s leading natural menopause pioneer.

With expert help I gradually restored things. I have been sleeping without interruption, an absolutely massive change to how things had previously been, given that I was still waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep again. My metabolism and digestion also improved significantly as did my hair loss and weight gain.

In the same way, we come to the Alexander Technique when we come to it, it actually makes no difference what age we are, we start where we start and continue on the learning path. Berating ourselves with hindsight for not having come to things sooner is absolutely pointless, if we wish to learn how to improve things for ourselves.

Learning Alexander Technique is very much about unlearning how we have been habitually taught to learn, however whilst we’re unlearning our habits, we’re also learning new ones in their place. Observing how we interfere with this and how we can prevent this provides us with useful experiences which we then find we can apply. There are no mistakes, there are just paths of further learning, ongoing exploration, consideration, and insight.

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