This week marks a time when we traditionally remember those who sacrificed themselves that we might live in freedom and peace.

In my thoughts are my father and his side of the family. Fighting as he did at the age of a young 20-something and experiencing loss in the process, was part of the times, but he also lived in another time in which he chose to broaden his horizons with study, research into saving lives, and education. In amongst all this, the other gifted members of the family, each with their own lives and experiences. Am aware that you all have your own thoughts at this time, as we each have.

Particularly in my thoughts are my mum. I know I wasn’t at all ‘easy going’ growing up, but what I do know is that she always came to speak with me about things and that meant a lot. I am aware she has sacrificed much whilst we were growing up and into this day and age in more ways than one.

We usually remember comings into the world, but am aware that the continuation of work which ‘saves lives’ has sixty years to remember as well.  Perhaps this is just how things should be, to give thanks for what they sacrificed, contributed to the world in which we now live and honour their memory, but am more than aware that there is a much more personal side for each of us.