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Easter renewal of stopping to consider

Easter renewal

I’m such a slow learner, I am aware of this, of course, and I’m actually no different to anyone else. I’m gradually becoming even more aware of the fact of choosing the Easter renewal of stopping to consider, to do less in respect of doing, as in doing things which are unhelpful to us in…

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Self-kindness with serendipity

Self-kindness and serendipity

I’m not seeking to ‘fix’ anything, I’m accepting the situation, accepting how I feel about it. We often fail to understand and appreciate  that change is brought about by the way in which we think. Added to which, when we think of thinking, we tend not to think of thinking as a process which requires…

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Switching from habit to awareness

How do we feel when we acknowledge and accept that we unconsciously made a mistake, something about which we may have already been thinking all along didn’t serve us well, that we were aware how this affected us? Of course it’s all usually riddled with our unconscious habit. We may indeed be aware of pain…

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Relying on instinct or choice in thinking

Whilst reading Michael J Gelb’s “The Art of Connection”, I came across a reference to a clip from Seinfeld which I took the opportunity of looking up. Within the clip, I came across this simple phrase: “If every instinct you’ve had has been wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.” I’ve certainly had many…

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Unreliable Sensory Appreciation

In this day and age, it’s popular that people like you (or should that be ‘like’ you), or is it? Some people have the need to be liked by others, to be adored for their abilities or their personalities, whilst others are content with not being liked so much, but discovering that they do indeed…

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Taking one’s time

Do you often find yourself in a rush and hurrying about, not allowing yourself time to think in the process? This often befalls people who have a variety of commitments, trying to juggle everything in their day, they are so busy with being busy that they tend to forget about themselves. Lessons in the Alexander…

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It's all in our thinking

A sore back and/or a stiff neck are not pleasant and you can find yourself in a vicious circle of pain travelling from one to the other, nothing you do seems to get rid of the pain. Not even treatments which are supposed to help with back pain and neck tension. You go for the…

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Faulty sensory appreciation

When we take Alexander Technique lessons, often what the teacher is asking of us by means of their hands feels unfamiliar and unnatural to us, because it it against our habit, it feels all wrong, but FM Alexander writes about how such thinking is unreliable because it is based on feeling, not on reason.

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Use affects functioning

How do you use your body and mind? This is what the Alexander Technique refers to as Use, with a capital ‘U’, and it’s a noun. Use includes not just the way we use our body, but also to the way we use our mind and in an Alexander Technique lesson you will be introduced to something…

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Observation and awareness

I was reminded yesterday how stopping to notice where one is tightening and/or shortening can bring about release of that tension. It really does take place in the mind with a teacher’s hands guiding you more into the upright, you can really become aware of the release of tension when you are  thinking about where you might be…

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