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Unlearning the old so as to learn the new

Unlearning the old so as to lean the new

Since the end of last week I have now successfully worked out how to improve the search engine optimisation of my blogs and website in general, and this wasn’t actually brought about by attending the workshop on SEO which I did earlier this month. No, it was brought about by allowing myself to wake up…

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A skill for living, living with skills

A skill for living, freedom of choice in thinking

I happened to have added the phrase “a skill for living” to my homepage and now appreciate that a highly esteemed colleague used a similar phrase for one of their books, Pedro, with whom I was fortunate to have had a lesson myself towards the beginning of this month. Now I had absolutely zero idea…

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Easter renewal of stopping to consider

Easter renewal

I’m such a slow learner, I am aware of this, of course, and I’m actually no different to anyone else. I’m gradually becoming even more aware of the fact of choosing the Easter renewal of stopping to consider, to do less in respect of doing, as in doing things which are unhelpful to us in…

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Self-kindness with serendipity

Self-kindness and serendipity

I’m not seeking to ‘fix’ anything, I’m accepting the situation, accepting how I feel about it. We often fail to understand and appreciate  that change is brought about by the way in which we think. Added to which, when we think of thinking, we tend not to think of thinking as a process which requires…

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The opposite of wrong is wrong

Are we aware that it is very much possible for us to learn how to interrupt and intercept our habitual unconscious reaction by stopping and thinking, very much applying the Alexander Technique principles of inhibition and direction? Our wholly unconscious habitual reaction is to somehow think that we need to do something in order to…

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Stopping to do the wrong thing

I wrote previously about a change that I wasn’t expecting to happen. I had attempted a variety of things to improve what I thought was wrong, to no avail, and eventually gave up trying, realising that this is not where the ‘problem’ actually lay. People tend to think that they don’t require Alexander Technique lessons,…

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Wishing and Willing

There’s a Buddhist saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I’m a firm believer in that since I discovered the Alexander Technique. Maybe there is something in your life with which you’ve been struggling, with which it would be useful to get some assistance? We cannot always resolve our ‘problems’ and…

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Re-education, learning and unlearning

Anyone with an interest in the Alexander Technique knows that at its heart is that it has something to teach and learn, meaning that it is in quite a different class of its own when it comes to the benefits of taking lessons. The pupil doesn’t attend a lesson to have something done to them,…

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Taking one’s time

Do you often find yourself in a rush and hurrying about, not allowing yourself time to think in the process? This often befalls people who have a variety of commitments, trying to juggle everything in their day, they are so busy with being busy that they tend to forget about themselves. Lessons in the Alexander…

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Learning not to do

Instead of thinking of the Alexander Technique as being about posture, I find it more helpful to think of it as becoming more aware of what you are doing with your body and what we’re doing with our bodies on a daily basis is something common to all of us, except that exactly what we’re doing…

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