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Habit versus Awareness

Stopping long enough to see makes the difference

Seeing clearly takes stopping tot think

As ever, it’s stopping long enough to see that makes the difference. I’m sure I’m by no means the only one, but this morning I found myself reading something which actually meant quite the opposite to me of that which it really meant. Try as I might it made absolutely no sense whatsoever to me,…

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Unlearning the old so as to learn the new

Unlearning the old so as to lean the new

Since the end of last week I have now successfully worked out how to improve the search engine optimisation of my blogs and website in general, and this wasn’t actually brought about by attending the workshop on SEO which I did earlier this month. No, it was brought about by allowing myself to wake up…

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Easter renewal of stopping to consider

Easter renewal

I’m such a slow learner, I am aware of this, of course, and I’m actually no different to anyone else. I’m gradually becoming even more aware of the fact of choosing the Easter renewal of stopping to consider, to do less in respect of doing, as in doing things which are unhelpful to us in…

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Switching from habit to awareness

How do we feel when we acknowledge and accept that we unconsciously made a mistake, something about which we may have already been thinking all along didn’t serve us well, that we were aware how this affected us? Of course it’s all usually riddled with our unconscious habit. We may indeed be aware of pain…

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