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Compassionate non-judgement

Stopping long enough to see makes the difference

Seeing clearly takes stopping tot think

As ever, it’s stopping long enough to see that makes the difference. I’m sure I’m by no means the only one, but this morning I found myself reading something which actually meant quite the opposite to me of that which it really meant. Try as I might it made absolutely no sense whatsoever to me,…

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Easter renewal of stopping to consider

Easter renewal

I’m such a slow learner, I am aware of this, of course, and I’m actually no different to anyone else. I’m gradually becoming even more aware of the fact of choosing the Easter renewal of stopping to consider, to do less in respect of doing, as in doing things which are unhelpful to us in…

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It's all in our thinking

A sore back and/or a stiff neck are not pleasant and you can find yourself in a vicious circle of pain travelling from one to the other, nothing you do seems to get rid of the pain. Not even treatments which are supposed to help with back pain and neck tension. You go for the…

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Smart thinking for beginners

I’ve never been what I consider to be smart or even street smart. I wore hand-me-down clothes as a kid, lace-up shoes with padding stuffed inside just to keep them on my feet, listen(ed) to classical music, read a lot and found I failed at sports so from the early beginnings of my life I definitely…

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