We do learn to observe much more closely what is going on within ourselves with the Alexander Technique in terms of postural and co-ordination habits and how these affect everything else, even down to how we think, feel and communicate.

Whilst attending a course last weekend, my metabolism started to stir, something which has been unknown to me certainly since I had thyroid surgery eleven years ago, if not before. It’s been so off my radar, that eating had definitely become a less than enjoyable occasion, I just wasn’t becoming hungry whatsoever and it had really began to bother me. In short, eating had become a totally miserable experience, which I just did not enjoy anymore. Thyroid affects metabolism and emotions in a big way. That said, I’m aware that when I was last up in Northamptonshire, my appetite did peak whist staying with my mum, something of which I became very much aware. I certainly felt nurtured and cared about amongst the familiarity of the surroundings. I’m looking forward to heading up again next weekend for a few days.

Yesterday evening I met up with a good friend along with his cousin and a friend to watch the England v Croatia match. In the morning I had been extended kindness in the form of a salad which was on the house from Pret a Manager. By around 6pm I found myself starving hungry again but didn’t eat as I had to get to St Pancras Square but I should have taken some food to eat en route, this is a lesson to me. I ate much later than normal and my metabolism today isn’t what it was yesterday. I disliked the noise around me yesterday evening, couldn’t see anything of the screen and knew in my heart of hearts that this environment just wasn’t really “me” at all. In short, I wasn’t really taking care of myself. That said, it was good to catch up with my friend ahead of his travels in the next five weeks, especially given that we’ve not seen each other in months. I’m hoping things will return to how they were yesterday, that things will calm down again and very much know that I need to listen to and look after myself in this respect on a psychophysical level. What happened in the past seven days isn’t just a blip, it’s come about as a result of acknowledging my feelings in a much more compassionate manner in what was a very safe space, and this weekend I’m due to attend a second NVC foundation training. In order to express ourselves more effectively, we don’t actually need to be talking as much we think we need to, doing less actually allows us to create more much-needed space listen to ourselves as well as communicate more effectively with others from a place of balance, centredness and direction.

Life felt so much easier, so effortless, in terms of connecting. I seem to have become easier to live with. Of course not everyone necessarily likes me expressing myself, or indeed gives me time to do so, but I know that the ability to consider and accept another approach that we may not necessarily have considered before is very much an aspect of the Alexander Technique. Indeed, I was reminded of the quote from George Bernard Shaw, a pupil of FM Alexander, which reads “Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.” As we take Alexander Technique lessons, we begin to appreciate these words more and more and they have really helped. Along with improved co-ordination and postural habits, the Alexander Technique brings about more flexibility in our thinking, a willingness of learn from experience, and to remain more open-minded. If we don’t like what someone says to us, as happened between me and a friend earlier this week, then perhaps it’s helpful to ask ourselves why we feel as we feel, it may not be anything to do with what I said, then again it might be everything to do with not being able to accept a point of view other than our own.

So, it’s with gratitude and compassion that I connect from my heart, continue to expand my horizons, remaining open to new experiences, to use some of the words contained in the affirmation I composed last weekend. On that note, I do feel like eating something small and seeing how this goes. No doubt writing also helps.

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