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Easter renewal

I’m such a slow learner, I am aware of this, of course, and I’m actually no different to anyone else. I’m gradually becoming aware of the fact of choosing to do less in respect of doing, as in doing things which are unhelpful to us in terms of unconscious habit can very much help me…

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Poise with presence via the giving of directions

This morning I attended a meeting which I knew required me to maintain my poise and say what I needed to say  Most of all I considered ahead of time that I wished to come across as being at ease in myself whilst conveying this. I was very much applying the Alexander Technique during this…

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Learning by making mistakes

I’m aware of what happened to me, I don’t need to explain it all here, although I would mention that I am no doubt the only Alexander Technique teacher who has been sectioned four times, for what were/are very common peri menopausal symptoms, albeit chronic, and yet I landed in two psychiatric hospitals, the first…

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Self-kindness and serendipity

I’m not seeking to ‘fix’ anything, I’m accepting the situation, accepting how I feel about it. We often fail to understand and appreciate  that change is brought about by the way in which we think. Added to which, when we think of thinking, we tend not to think of thinking as a process which requires…

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Switching from habit to awareness

How do we feel when we acknowledge and accept that we unconsciously made a mistake, something about which we may have already been thinking all along didn’t serve us well, that we were aware how this affected us? Of course it’s all usually riddled with our unconscious habit. We may indeed be aware of pain…

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The opposite of wrong is wrong

Are we aware that it is very much possible for us to learn how to interrupt and intercept our habitual unconscious reaction by stopping and thinking, very much applying the Alexander Technique principles of inhibition and direction? Our wholly unconscious habitual reaction is to somehow think that we need to do something in order to…

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In the moment of now

Yesterday I was fortunate to participate in some Alexander Technique work with a visiting teacher. I very much enjoyed the whole experience of working with this teacher and was grateful for the opportunity to do so given that we go back some way in terms of my experiences of the Alexander Technique. Everything very much…

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Head balance: ongoing importance

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I wanted to write a little about the ongoing crucial role of head balance. As we go about our day-to-day lives, head balance isn’t generally something we even think about, just as we don’t generally tend to think about how we use our postural mechanism. The head weighs around 6 Kilos in weight, it’s that…

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Boosting metabolism the indirect way

We do learn to observe much more closely what is going on within ourselves with the Alexander Technique in terms of postural and co-ordination habits and how these affect everything else, even down to how we think, feel and communicate. Whilst attending a course last weekend, my metabolism started to stir, something which has been…

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Self-appreciation via head balance

I was sharing some work with an excellent teacher very recently, who I know from experience is very positive in outlook in all respects, perhaps because of the very fact that she has a hearing difficulty. She was observing my head balance, of which I’m all too well aware, and encouraging me to send my…

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