Lessons can provide an opportunity to consider how we use ourselves, such as being aware of our sense of balance in a particular environment, how we use our voice,  how we breathe and how much muscular effort we make performing any given activity. Learning to stop interfering with our habitual responses as a result of these and replace them with more beneficial ones  based on our experience of their effect on us previously can be of benefit and benefits things such as posture, breathing, voice, equilibrium and co-ordintion.

    Lessons take place with a trained teacher who works with hands-on guidance with their pupil. There are no exercises and teaching takes place at a comfortable pace. The pupil is taught a technique which addresses the root cause of symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and other muscular disorders, namely it is the way we are using our entire selves which explains why we get into the mess we do, this may be in the form of aches and pains, stress, worry etc. Little do we realise until we come for a course of lessons that in fact it is not the symptoms per se which are causing us the discomfort and pain, but rather our overall Use of ourselves, which is we don’t address any one specific symptom, but look at the total pattern of co-ordination and the whole self.

    Poor co-ordination affects whatever we do. If we have developed hunched shoulders, a stoop and a stiff neck, this poor co-ordination will influence how we perform an activity such as sitting, standing and walking. They also affect us on a social and and professional level, also how we feel and how we relate to others. They affect our entire selves and it is not possible to perform activities such as singing and sport without discomfort and pain. Co-ordination habits affect our posture and ability to move gracefully, thus affecting how fast we age. By unlearning these habits, or patterns of thought and movement, we can begin to shake off many of the layers of misuse and poor co-ordination which hold us back in life.

    A pupil is provided with practical tools which they can then take away into their daily lives. The hands-on guidance improves our sensory awareness, thereby equipping us with more accurate feedback about what we are doing with our muscles and posture.  We tap into the good poise we had a young children, when the head, neck and back relationship was not interfered with. A course of lessons can be sufficient to learn to apply this way of being to our daily lives going forward. Lessons are held in a relaxed atmosphere of learning. After a lesson the general feeling is one of positivity, lightness whilst walking and better co-ordination all round.