Lessons provide us with an opportunity to stop and take important time to consider ourselves, amongst all the priorities and stress which can be a part of everyday life. This time very much provides us with an opportunity to become more aware of our  sense of balance, our breath, whether our feet are in touch with the planet, the resonance and quality of our voice, and how much muscular effort we make whilst performing simple movements which we repeat numerous times each day, such as sitting and standing, speaking, etc. It is much more to do with how we can experience leaving ourselves alone, learning how we can prevent unconscious habitual reactions whilst undertaking these simple activities and replacing them with more consciously-chosen ones, all of which takes time, patience and is of benefit when it comes to improving our our entire wellbeing.

Lessons involve very sensitive, gentle hands-on and verbal guidance and no special clothing is required. We consider the way in which we are using our entire selves, this may have resulted in muscular aches and pains, stress, worry, anxiety etc. No one area of the body or specific symptom is concentrated upon that much, rather we work in a manner which takes into account the entire total pattern of posture and co-ordination. Indeed, it might come as something of a surprise that nothing much seems to be happening during a lesson, being asked as we are to think rather than do, which is not generally the way in which we have previously experienced learning, however from experience there is much which is happening, often below the plain of our awareness.

By unlearning unhelpful and unconscious habits, patterns of thought and movement, which impede our freedom to function, we can begin to undo the many layers of misuse which may be hindering us. After a lesson, the general feeling is one of all round positivity, improved attitude, co-ordination and demeanour.