About Stella

I experienced whiplash after a bad fall, leaving me with persistent neck tension and very painful lower back pain following a long-term vestibular virus in my inner ear, so my balance was affected whenever I walked. I was to continue to frequently fall a fair amount thereafter. 

I needed to come to the Alexander Technique with the postural habits I had developed. Reasons for my shoulders being as they were for sure included carrying a heavy bag of books at secondary school. I came to appreciate that all reactions are so closely connected with our postural habits in all of us, and our responsibility lies in respect of ourselves, our own thinking when it comes to our head, neck, back relationship working together as a unity, which in turn informs everything else.

Whilst having lessons I restored 5cms to my height and, importantly, discovered I never encountered any criticism, even though I was aware my habits were always being observed. I don't think I really appreciated the enormity of what was occurring, although I certainly noted gradual improvement. I recall feeling a sense of lightness and indeed relief as I walked out of my lessons, for me I think it was very much a gradual learning process. Just a year into taking lessons, I underwent a thyroidectomy to remove a benign goitre, thankfully all went well without any vocal loss.

I went on to train with Ruth Murray and Alan Philps at The Constructive Teaching Centre. I began to develop muscle tone. I began to appreciate that the very act of stopping to observe what  I was doing with my body gave me the space and time I needed. Working with the Technique continues to greatly help when it comes to considering head balance especially, it's ongoing work which just continues.

Following my teaching terms, I have continued to attend The Constructive Teaching Centre to further develop my teaching as well as my own understanding of the Technique as well as teaching privately.

I have previous experience of having worked at LAMDA, ArtsEd and the City Lit with performing artists and know that the regular voice work I with which I continue has improved my own voice.

I have completed the Developing Self Education Training Course and am certified to deliver the Alexander in Education Course.


I am a fully insured and certified member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).