About Stella

    I developed poor posture very early on and my left shoulder had become very shortened due to carrying a heavy bag of books at school. I had absolutely no idea how important it was to look after my back, especially given that I had developed a scoliosis very early on, and how this in turn affected the whole use of my mechanism.

    In 2006 I stumbled upon a book which I was to discover was about the Alexander Technique. I had recently experienced a bad fall which left me with a C4-C6 facet irritation (commonly known as whiplash) and knew that cranial osteopathy wasn’t exactly helping matters. I found myself curious to discover how it was that I had been and was interfering with my natural poise and balance, and so began the beginnings of unravelling years of misuse with Nöel Kingsley. It was Nöel who first taught me the principles of the Alexander Technique and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his patient teaching and ongoing guidance.

    In March 2009 I took the decision and enrolled on the three-year training course taught by Ruth Murray and Alan Philps at The Constructive Teaching Centre, based in Landsdowne Road, Holland Park, later to move to its new home at Imperial Wharf. A very important reason as to why I underwent so much change during my training was that I developed muscle tone, something which had most definitely previously been lacking.

    I have been privileged to attend at the Centre since qualification, thereby continuing to develop my teaching skills and my own understanding of the Technique, both in terms of working with trainees as well as experienced teachers. I also continue to read Alexander’s writings and other authors writing about the Technique.

    I am a fully insured and certified member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).