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Thinking in Activity, Back into Balance

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About Stella

I came to the Alexander Technique with postural and co-ordination habits developed since childhood. Reasons for my shoulders being as they were for sure also included carrying a heavy bag of books at secondary school in addition to the fear reflex.

During lessons, I came to appreciate that all reactions are so closely connected with our postural habits, and our responsibility lies in respect of ourselves, our own Use of our head, neck, and back relationship working together as a unity which is absolutely critical to good functioning of our anatomical human stature and design.

I don't think I really appreciated the enormity of what was occurring, although I certainly noted gradual improvement. I recall feeling a sense of lightness and indeed relief as I walked out of my lessons, for me I think it was very much a gradual learning process. 

I went on to train with Ruth Murray and Alan Philps at The Constructive Teaching Centre and began developing important muscle tone. I had grown up with dyspraxia until I began to train and came to experience how Alexander Technique can benefit essential motor skills and co-ordination skills.

Following my teaching terms, I have continued to attend The Constructive Teaching Centre on an informal teaching capacity alongside experienced teachers and trainee teachers.

I have previously assisted on the LAMDA, ArtsEd and the City Lit Alexander courses for young performers.

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