About Stella

I developed poor posture during my young teenage years, my left shoulder became chronically shortened as did my shoulders in general. Carrying a heavy school shoulder bag did not help one iota. Indeed, by the time I came for lessons, I was very much pulling down onto my torso. I had absolutely no idea how important it was to look after my back, especially given that I had a scoliosis very early on, and how this also played a role in the whole use of myself.

Whilst working at the EBRD, I stumbled upon a book about the Alexander Technique in 2006, having experienced a bad fall which left me with a C4-C6 facet irritation, commonly known as whiplash. I had sustained this fall due to the dizziness I had experienced walking caused by a vestibular virus in my inner ear and found myself in chronic lower back pain and neck tension. I came to realise fairly early on that the cranial osteopathy I was having wasn’t proving that helpful. I found myself curious, given that I'd had poor posture for decades, to discover more and so began the beginnings of unravelling decades of poor use and functioning with Noël Kingsley. Things had become so bad in terms of head balance that I underwent thyroidectomy surgery in Spring 2007, as I see it the result of faulty Use.  I owe Noël a debt of gratitude for having taught me as he did as well as for his ongoing encouragement and guidance.

In March 2009 I enrolled on the three-year training course taught by Ruth Murray and Alan Philps at The Constructive Teaching Centre, based in Landsdowne Road, Holland Park, later on to move to Imperial Wharf.

I have been privileged to attend the Imperial Wharf Centre since qualification, continuing to develop my teaching skills as well as my own understanding of the Technique and anatomy.


I am a fully insured and certified member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).