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Thinking in Activity, Back into Balance

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About Stella

I came to the Alexander Technique with postural habits developed since childhood. Reasons for my shoulders being as they were included the fear reflex, ie we can all become scared and fearful which affects our Use of ourselves in daily living. I also carried a heavy bag of books at secondary school as well as working in an office-based role, all of which contributed to pulling down over my torso and internal organs. 

I came to appreciate that all reactions are closely connected with our postural habits, and our responsibility lies in respect of our own co-ordination of our head, neck, and back relationship which is absolutely critical to good functioning of our anatomical human upright stature. Improvement of head balance and the restoring of postural tone are perhaps two of the most important benefits of the Alexander Technique of which I have gained experience. 

I continue to attend The Constructive Teaching Centre in an informal  teaching capacity alongside experienced teachers and trainee teachers.

I previously assisted on the LAMDA, ArtsEd and the City Lit Alexander courses for young performers and completed the Developing Self training for AT teachers within the field of schools and tertiary education.

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