A skill for living, freedom of choice in thinking

I happened to have added the phrase “a skill for living” to my homepage and now appreciate that a highly esteemed colleague used a similar phrase for one of their books, Pedro, with whom I was fortunate to have had a lesson myself towards the beginning of this month. Now I had absolutely zero idea about the title of their book, so perhaps I ought to investigate this further at some stage. Somehow none of this surprises me at all, the photographs they take are full of looking at things from another perspective and for sure Alexander Technique is a skill for considering things from another perspective, a perspective which is brought about via the Work. It sort of stands to reason, if you gain increased height and expansion via the musculature, then your perspective is sort of going to change along with this.

When it comes to a learning a skill for living, there are of course ups and downs, learning curves, practicing, and further practicing, there are also pleasant surprises when we witness change in how we approach things, change in terms of the freedom we experience in ourselves, change in our poise and balance, resonance of our voice etc. I don’t think we can even begin to describe everything, it’s impossible, because improved Use affects our functioning in every sphere of life. It’s in a constant state of change, there is no finite point, yet if we are directing ourselves well and inhibiting the unnecessary, that which pulls us down in every way, we will sense a freeing up within ourselves in every sense.

When we talk of letting go, are we able to do this ourselves? I found myself working with a colleague last week and they really did have my letting go right from the crown of my head, through my torso, down my legs to my feet, and yet I was very much aware that this was very much a thinking process as opposed to a doing process. I actually felt extremely tall as I lay there on the teaching table, they were using their back well and directing themselves whilst I too was directing myself, this is the two-way process which occurs between a teacher and student. The importance of this has very much remained with me. It was actually a lovely experience, working together as we did, and taught me to very much stay with my inhibition and directions yet again. Such work is asking us to think about how we’d like to be, how we all have the potential be, if we wish to unlearn what we have unconsciously learned.

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