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Improved muscular co-ordination

The Alexander Technique can benefit those in back pain and neck tension, but it’s not about back pain and neck tension. Rather it’s about restoring the co-ordination of muscles and how these work in relation to the whole muscular system. Certainly when we’re of a young age, we haven’t acquired the poor postural habits we acquire…

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Getting the height

Thinking of getting the height is one of the things that is experienced during an Alexander Technique lesson. The term ‘forward and up’ refers to the forward position of the head on the spine and up is the direction in which the head leads the rest of the body. Forward and up is what a…

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Discovering balance within ourselves

If lessons in the Alexander Technique are partly about finding balance, how do we find this balance within ourselves? I know when I first came for lessons I was very much out of balance, with a busy mind and muscle groups which were contracted and tense. It wasn’t until I experienced a teacher’s hands working…

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