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Direction of our human laboratory

If we are unhappy about some aspect of ourselves, whether this be a failed relationship, in some way our looks, level of confidence, emotional reasons or our reactions towards the opinions of others, then the tendency is to remain unhappy with this rather than taking the time to observe ourselves. We may even develop a critical habit, which…

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"Wisdom for Action"

I recently returned from attending the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress held at the University of Limerick. It was all wonderful, what stood out for me most of all was the great sense of togetherness. Togetherness can, of course, mean many different things to many people, but for me it has to include the ability to maintain…

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Eyes, and ears, and mouth and nose

I may have developed something of a serious look, but underneath it all I am someone who definitely finds joy in those fleeting, unexpected moments about little things or indeed more lasting ones. I may not show it so much on the surface, but this does not mean to say I do not have emotions to be…

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