“You can’t know a thing by an instrument that is wrong”

    You may be in pain such as back pain, neck tension, RSI etc and seeking a solution, perhaps after having sought a variety of treatments, or you may be looking to improve your general wellbeing. The Alexander Technique helps you to identify what it is that you yourself are doing which is interfering with your ability to lead the life you want and, during the process, to replace unhelpful habits with new, improved ones.

    The Technique helps:The Technique can help to relieve:
    • Improve your stature
    • Improve posture
    • Balance and co-ordination
    • Develop a calmer approach to life
    • Restores the natural poise we enjoyed as young children
    • Easeful movement without effort
    • Voice
    • Greater agility and stamina
    • Breathing
    • Clearer thinking
    • Natural confidence
    • Ability to communicate effectively




    • Back pain
    • Neck tension
    • Shoulder pain
    • Stress
    • Poor postural habits
    • Headaches
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Joint stiffness
    • Jaw and neck stiffness
    • Shyness and timidity
    • Personal insecurity

    The Technique also indirectly helps:

    • Digestion
    • Bowel functions
    • Circulation
    • High blood pressure

    The Alexander Technique is very much to do with restoring the balance, poise and ease which we enjoyed as young children, young children who are very much interested in what they do whilst still being able to maintain their integral upright poise as they negotiate life. As we grow older, we tend to interfere with this ourselves by developing postural habits such a collapsing, shortening, stiffening, tensing, tightening and slumping in reaction to stimuli around us. Alexander Technique is taught via words and hands-on work to help you to begin to notice what is happening in yourself as you are encouraged to think about how you perform simple movements such as sitting, standing, speaking etc. It is not a therapy but rather an experiential learning process.