Stella Weigel, London SW6 and N1

Alexander Technique brings us closer to our true self, gradually softening on a mind-body level as well as expanding manner of thought and movement. The experiential exploratory nature of the Alexander Technique allows us with an opportunity to learn why stopping to observe and think is so vital, choosing a different response to the one which has become so habitual is possible. Alexander Technique is all about self-care for ourselves. Certainly it is possible to regain the effortlessness and poise which young children exhibit as an adult, we just don't appreciate that this is all possible. We do have it within ourselves to become more expansive and be much more ease with increased grace than we perhaps think.

You may find conflict challenging
You may be aware of that your postural habits let you down but have never appreciated there is something which can help
You might struggle with self-esteem
You feel misinterpreted
Your self-confidence might be something you're aware could improve

I invite you to come and explore this gradual process of self-discovery  of your own for yourself in a supportive environment which embraces freedom to choose another way of considering our own manner of going about things.

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