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One-off Introductory Lesson £22.50

The Alexander Technique is an experiential technique which promotes improved poise by means to considering how our manner of use affects our functioning. The Technique helps an individual to begin to learn to experience what stopping means, develop an understanding of how we can consciously choose to be more expansive and at ease in our stature as well as direct ourselves into a sense of greater freedom to choose a different response, improving our health, wellbeing and overall outlook in life.

The Alexander Technique provides a way of observing ourselves in the here and now, providing us with an experiential way of learning which is entirely practical. You may have been experiencing pain, such as back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain, RSI etc and are seeking a solution to this, perhaps you have already had treatment, or you may be looking to improve your overall general wellbeing, performance skills or quality of voice. Whatever your reasons for seeking out lessons, you will experience a calmer, more balanced approach to life in general.

Since we were young children, we have developed and repeated over again habits of posture and co-ordination which are not that helpful to us. We have simply been completely unaware that our mechanism is wonderfully designed to be used in a certain way and yet we have been continually interfering with this. We are not usually aware that we could be off-balance, indeed we may not be conscious of how we are stiffening, tightening and shortening ourselves, when the mechanism is designed to be at height and width. Bringing our awareness to our  postural and co-ordination habits can bring about change in terms of pain, increased self-confidence and self-belief, improved quality of voice and so forth.

Not only is the Alexander Technique clinically proven to alleviate back pain, it also very much helps with the following:

  • Poise and stature
  • Postural habits
  • Balance and co-ordination skills
  • Reasoning out what your response and attitude
  • Using one's voice with improved enunciation and greater clarity
  • Moving with greater fluidity, greater ease and more grace
  • Understanding the importance of head balance and how this relates to poise and co-ordination
  • Calming down of the nervous system
  • Developing a more open-minded attitude
  • Improved sense of Self, including self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Professional performance, including in the performing arts 
  • Sports performance

The Alexander Technique also helps to improve:

  • Digestion
  • Constipation
  • Circulation

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