Thinking in Activity, Back into Balance

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Stella Weigel MSTAT

Alexander Technique has to be the ultimate holistic lifeskill we can learn when it comes to ourselves. It continues to provide ongoing experiential self-discovery of how mind and body function as an inextricable unified whole. Giving ourselves time to stop and observe how what we do in action in terms of postural and co-ordination habits provides us with more awareness of how we are designed to function.

The importance of the head, neck and back relationship, also known as the Primary Control, cannot be emphasised enough. Our full stature, head balance and freedom in our neck are absolutely crucial in this respect. This determines everything, rather than diminishing ourselves in whatever way we have unconsciously learned, we can gradually learn what it means to choose to move with more ease,  improved balance and greater freedom, to speak and sing with increased confidence, resonance and enunciation, even to play an instrument with greater awareness of our breath and dexterity, also to cultivate our sense self-belief and self-worth. Alexander Technique does indeed provide us with a skill for living. 

We can all learn to do less in terms of unnecessary muscular effort and simultaneously do more for ourselves by paying attention to what we're doing with our psychophysical instrument working as a piece in a more co-ordinated pattern.

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