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Alexander Technique teaches us how to use ourselves in a more considered, thoughtful manner taught on a practical, experiential level. This more efficient Use concerns our whole selves, not just in respect of how we move, such a when we breathe, stand, sit, use our voice and so forth, but also in respect of choosing our overall reactions in general. Rather than convincing ourselves we don't have any control over for instance our back pain, neck tension, poor posture and even emotional reactions, we can choose to learn how to observe what we are doing with ourselves in the way in which we react from moment to moment in activity. We discover how we have been contributing to our difficulties, how we are able to prevent this and regain choice over ourselves, choosing response over reaction.

Alexander Technique lessons concern themselves with unlearning  and learning on every level we have available, not only with what we sense in terms of touch, but also in terms of what we hear and observe about ourselves and so forth, due to  psychophysical nature, each one of these levels being equally important. 

It is a very unique experiential technique and provides us with a very special skill for living not comparable with any other treatment or therapy.

Benefits which often occur include the following:

  • Improved head, neck and back relationship;
  • Relief and even disappearance of back pain , shoulder pain and neck tension (see BMJ study and ATLAS study under Published Scientific Research);
  • Significant improvement in long-standing poor posture;
  • Improved balance and co-ordination, fewer falls included
  • Reduction and even disappearance of headaches and migraines;
  • Calming down of the nervous system;
  • Less tension and strain within the musculature;
  • Breathing;
  • Digestion;
  • Stress management: improved response to stress in demanding situations which benefit from developing a quality of calm and reasoned control;
  • Ability to reason out and solve problems 
  • Increased emotional resiliences, self-esteem and self-worth;
  • Increased sense of Self; greater self-awareness, awareness of what we are doing, an improved sense of self-responsibility and response-ability;
  • Improved self-confidence;

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