The Alexander Technique provides a way of observing and preventing unnecessary harmful tension in any activity which tends to cause pain such as back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain, RSI. You may be experiencing such pain and are seeking a solution to it, perhaps you have already had treatment, or you may be looking to improve your general wellbeing, performance skills or voice. You might also be seeking a calmer, more balanced approach to life in general.

Since being young children, we have developed harmful habits of posture and co-ordination and have not used our bodies as they are naturally designed to function. We aren't usually aware that we might be off-balance, indeed we may not necessarily be conscious of how we are, for instance, stiffening, tightening, shortening ourselves,  holding our breath and our stomach muscles, all of this affecting everything we do.

The Alexander Technique is a proven method used to alleviate pain as well as improve poise. The Technique helps an individual to begin to learn to experience what stopping means and develop an understanding of how we can consciously choose to be more expansive and at ease in our stature. This helps us to develop an awareness of how we can undo and prevent unhelpful habits of use and functioning from occurring in the first place and direct ourselves into a sense of greater freedom to choose a different response, improving our health, wellbeing and overall outlook in life.


Stella is a fully insured and certified member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

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